Thursday, March 8, 2007

This and That

Blog Against Sexism Day Edition:

* A couple really great guest posts on the official blog. First this letter from Marina Pisklakova of the National Center for the Prevention of Violence in Russia.

Dear Senator Clinton!

In Russia we are getting ready to celebrate another March 8th - International Women's Day, which used to be in our country a Day of Spring and Beauty, but now we speak of Women's Rights and solidarity on this Day. I want to thank you for everything you have done for bringing these changes for women in my country, especially in the area of violence against women. I want you to know what role you have played personally in my life and the lives of many other women leaders from different countries that I know about.

The first time I have heard you speak was at the Beijing Conference in 1995. At that time I was at the beginning of my journey as women's rights activist. I will never forget that feeling of unity, inspiration, power and suddenly believing that I can go forward and change the world. I was standing there thinking: "She cares and she means it! We all can do it!" This feeling keeps supporting me through the years of struggle.
I love that she started her letter off with an exclamation point! I may have to start doing that. I've posted it before, but if you haven't read the speech mentioned here, do yourself a favor and read it right now.

* Also on the official blog, this post by Inez McCormack of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions on what peace means on International Women's Day:

I came to know her through her involvement in helping building peace in Ireland. I have also worked with her through the Vital Voices network in supporting women leaders around the world. Many of these women, like me, lived in narrow and contested space and her support has widened that space and enabled their work to thrive. The network has then reached out to others and is a growing vibrant example of how women can work together to create change across traditions and divisions. I was proud and delighted recently to join her in an event which affirmed her support for women acting as agents of their own change. She presented a Human Rights award on behalf of the American Labour Movement to Ela Bhatt, founder of SEWA. SEWA has now over 600,000 women members in India who work in the insecurity of the informal economy. Hillary Clinton has consistently supported the work of this unique women's union in developing their own financial, health, educational and employment resources.

* Also campaign related, Clinton is re-introducing the Count Every Vote Act.

Hillary introduced the Count Every Vote Act, legislation the New York Times called "the gold standard for election reform." But she needs you to make it a reality. A massive public show of support for our right to vote will let Congress know that this issue isn't going away until we are confident our rights are protected.

* Fox News is still giving time to people making up that Hillary is attacking Obama.

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