Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Action Item #3 Write your Representative

A recent article in The Hill is talking about who has endorsed what candidates (.pdf) (H/T). While Senator Clinton has the most of any Democrats, it's pretty early, and most people who will endorse haven't. So I'm asking you to write your Representative and ask them to endorse Hillary Clinton(people in the 8th district and Eastern Washingtonians, fear not, there will be action items for you). Find them here. Here's my letter:

I'm writing you to encourage you to support Hillary Clinton's candidacy for the Presidency. While we have a strong field of candidates, and we can be proud to nominate any of them, Hillary Clinton is a cut above the rest:

She has been a leader on issues from choice, to health care, to workers' rights. She will bring that same energy and passion to both a grueling campaign and to the White House. She will, in the end make an excellent candidate and an excellent president.

Also, her plan for capping the number of troops in Iraq and for cutting off funds to the Iraqis if they don't live up to their expectations is a very important step to take to ending the war. Please support it in any way possible.

Thank you for your time,

Stephen Phillips
Washingtonians for Hillary Clinton

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