Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Remember when Clinton hadn't visited Iowa in more than 3 years and Edwards had practically taken up residence there and he was slightly ahead in the polls? Well, it's funny how things can change isn't it? Lots of things can happen in the next year, God knows. Still, it's nice to see her on top.

Mrs Clinton commands the support of 35% of voters who say they are likely to attend the Iowa caucuses, according to a poll conducted by the American Research Group. Former Vice-Presidential candidate John Edwards, who had been in pole position on other early polls, was second with just 18%.

Previous polls in Iowa had put the former First Lady in fourth place, behind Mr Edwards, Senator Barack Obama and Iowa governor Tom Vilsack.

In New Hampshire, which holds the first primary next year, Mrs Clinton leads Mr Obama 39%-19%.

Both surveys were conducted after Mrs Clinton made high-profile visits to Iowa and New Hampshire to kick-off her campaign. Though it is nearly a year before the first real votes will be cast, these early polls are important for Mrs Clinton's ability to present herself as the candidate whose eventual triumph is "inevitable".
I don't think anything is inevitable with a year of campaigning but it's good to see. It's another reminder that the more people see Hillary Clinton the more they like her.

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