Thursday, February 1, 2007

Hair and Clothes

See if you can spot the silly in these two paragraphs:

“There will be more stories about my clothes and hair than some of the people running against me,” she said.

“I’m going to be asking people to vote for me based on my entire life and experience,” said Mrs. Clinton, who walked around a stage surrounded by people, with a microphone affixed to the lapel of her pantsuit. “The fact that I’m a woman, the fact that I’m a mom, is part of who I am.”

The article is from last Sunday and I was going to ignore it (and I should say that overall the tenor was better than, "she says we'll focus on her cloths, and she's wearing a pantsuit"), but as far as I can tell the New York Times has decided not to cover her plan for improving the condition of the middle class.

Now perhaps her plan isn't fleshed out enough. And there is certainly time ahead to talk about all of the Democrats' plans for various things foreign and domestic. But maybe Hillary Clinton talking about how to stop wage stagnation in the middle class might be more "fit to print" than the fact that she wears a pantsuit.

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