Friday, January 5, 2007

Action Item #1 Contact your State Legislators

I'll be doing these from time to time. The first one is contact your house members and senator and ask them for an endorsement, or at least to consider it. Obviously, Hillary Clinton hasn't entered the race yet, and it's pretty early, so it probably won't amount to anything. Still, it's good to let them know your feelings now, before they are overwhelmed by the day to day goings on in the session. You can find their email here. And if none of your legislators are Democrats, don't worry, there will be more universal things upcoming. Anyway, here's mine. It's the same for all three, steal if you want but the best thing is what's original to you!


I'm writing you to encourage you to support Hillary Clinton's candidacy for the Presidency. While we have a strong field of candidates, and we can be proud to nominate any of them, Hillary Clinton is a cut above the rest:

She has been a leader on issues from choice, to health care, to workers' rights. She will bring that same energy and passion to both a grueling campaign and to the White House. She will, in the end make an excellent candidate.

Thank you for your time,

Stephen Phillips
Washingtonians for Hillary Clinton
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