Friday, January 19, 2007

Maybe She Ghost Wrote His Books?

As Media Matters is reporting, the vast rightwing conspiracy is starting up with its attacks on Clinton. This one is a twofer on the leading Democratic candidates. They are saying that Hillary Clinton is spreading rumors about Obama. And they are saying that Obama is (a) a secret Muslim and it follows that (b) he's some sort of enemy to America.

Of course the Muslim stuff comes from the fact that he has written two biographical books and in both of them he mentioned that when he lived in Indonesia, he went to a Muslim school for two years. Given that the country is majority Muslim, this isn't really surprising, and it doesn't tell us that much about him. And given that Clinton hasn't mentioned it, I'm not sure how she's actually involved. It doesn't make any sense and neither is backed up with a modicum of fact, but it's officially silly season. So the big question is how long until it's mentioned uncritically in more mainstream papers? Dowd's next column is tomorrow and Rich is Sunday. I don't hold much hope.

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