Thursday, January 4, 2007

The Marble Ceiling

In my last post, on why I support Hillary Clinton, I listed as one of my reasons that we're past due for a female president. It would probably at the bottom of my reasons if I were to rank them. Certainly it's the one I spent the least words on.

But listening to Speaker Pelosi take the gavel, I had to hold back a tear. America is a better country than it was yesterday because there's one less barrier to full equality. Digby hits the nail on the head. What it means to be a liberal and what it means to be a Democrat is to encourage and nudge and work hard to make sure America lives up to our greatness. Obviously, this would be even more true of a woman in the White House.

On a Washington note, as the secretary of the Democratic Caucus, Patty Murray is now the highest ranking women in the Senate.

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