Thursday, January 4, 2007

Over at HA, Goldy asks right wingers a question about President Bush declaring he can read your mail whenever he feels like it.

But I’d just like you righties to pause for a moment and imagine it was a President Clinton (Bill or Hillary) who was asserting the unitary executive doctrine and the power to “construe” legislation as he or she chooses. Imagine it was a President Clinton claiming the power to invade your privacy simply by declaring “exigent circumstances.”

Would you still defend the President? Or might you start wondering if the means by which the administration is fighting the War on Terror might be destroying the very democratic principles we’re attempting to defend?

I’m just askin’.

Fortunately, a President Hillary Clinton wouldn't do that. Here's her statement on the issue:

The Administration’s recent announcement that it reserves the right to inspect citizens’ private mail without a search warrant whenever it determines exigent circumstances exist further indicates that this Administration is willing to circumvent those legal protections intended to safeguard both our citizens’ privacy and our national security. Should the Administration desire additional authority to legally inspect Americans’ mail, it should engage Congress so that we can thoughtfully determine whether to expand those procedures that simultaneously protect our privacy and safety.

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