Wednesday, January 17, 2007

This 'N That

* Hillary Clinton delayed her press post trip because a colleague on the trip got sick. This was done before Obama announced that he would announce that he was running. Naturally, that means that she liar. Or something.

And to my friends who think this sort of thing is going to only happen to Hillary Clinton, I'd like to remind you that Al Gore never said that he invented the Internet Obama's last name isn't Osama, and John Kerry was a war hero. No Democrat is going to get a fair shake. So we might as well nominate someone who's beat this sort of thing back for over a decade.

* The Guardian had the most fact based article of any I've seen on her positions on Iraq. Still, I'm not sure that she's had "previous ambiguity" so much as a slow change of mind over some time. She's been pretty clear that the war itself was going badly for a long time and came out against the escalation when Reid and others in the caucus weren't sure.

* TPM Election central has an analysis of the politics her resolution. I tend to be a bit less cynical, and think that aside from the politics, the policy can move things. Nonetheless, I agree that it can be good both for her and the party in general on political terms.

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