Monday, January 15, 2007

This and That

I'm not sure what this poll means (I suspect nothing), but Hillary Clinton is the Democrat who polls the highest for the question of who people think is most likely to be president.

The cover story for the January issue of Mother Jones is a profile of Hillary Clinton that tries to explain why there are so many different perceptions of her out there. Interesting if a bit rambling. And I think that sculpture is drawn out a bit too much as a metaphor

Tomorrow, Hillary Clinton comes back from Iraq and Afghanistan. The New York Times says in an article mostly about the circular firing squad (sigh) "She visited Iraq on Saturday to speak with military commanders, and plans to explain her views in fuller detail when she returns Tuesday."

The View a month or so ago.

Part 1

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thowatt said...

Thanks for the link to the Mother Jones article. I was intrigued by the writer's image of Hillary as receptacle, iconic, representing the hopes, fears (and loathing) of the beholder. If a lightning rod can be considered a receptacle, I agree with the characterisation.

I hadn't heard about Daniel Edwards' sculpture. There's a short film about him on YouTube: It seems intentionally creepy. Edwards is interviewed in his studio next to the bust of Senator Clinton and he caresses the clay as he rambles about his life, her sexuality.

Wellesley College has posted Sen. Clinton's Commencement speech: - it's worth reading, if only to read the "history as receptacle" poem in its entirety.