Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Action Item #2 Letter to the Editor on the Escallation

Later today, President Bush will announce that he wants to ship more American soldiers and Marines to Iraq. Hillary Clinton came out early against the escalation, and an early victory on this issue will help the candidates who spent political capital on it and help the eventual Democratic nominee, whoever it is. And most importantly it will make it easier to end the failed war policy. And even if we don't stop the escalation, it's still important to make our voices heard.

The Washington State Democrats have a neat little application for writing letters to the editor. So I encourage y'all to write a letter either right after the announcement, or based on any article you read. If you want to pepper you letters with things Hillary Clinton has said, here are some links. If you want to mention her by name and say something to the effect that even people who gave President Bush the benefit of the doubt like HRC are opposed, that's fine. Or if you just want to write a letter.

I'll write mine after the announcement and put it at the bottom of this post. And I'll also include any anti-escalation letters emailed to me or put in the comments.

... Here's mine

"To the Editor, Seattle Times

"President Bush has just announced a plan to increase the number of troops in Iraq. When even people who once gave him the benefit of the doubt like Hillary Clinton and people of his own party like Gordon Smith have come out as opposed to this move as they have, we should not do it. It will further harm America’s image around the world, it will bog more Americans down in the quagmire of Iraq, and it will embolden the actual terrorists around the world. About the only things it won’t do are end the war sooner and make America safer."

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