Sunday, January 21, 2007

Some Unsolicited Advice

Now that she's officially running for president, I'm sure that Senator Clinton is getting a lot of advice, much of it not actually helpful. Nonetheless, I'm going to give some anyway:

Be yourself People like you as you are. They want a president who's thoughtful, hard working, who can bring people together. You're going to be micromanaged and given 15 words for every question and all of this is important, but try to keep yourself in the middle of all that.

Go to every state This is like when you campaigned in every county. It shows a commitment and it puts a lot of states in play. When Bill Clinton won Montana in 1992, a lot of it had to do with him showing up. Besides, a lot of the South likes you from when you were a first lady in Arkansas.

Talk to hostile audiences Write a diary on Kos and answer the questions about why you're such a sell out, and how whatever you're saying is too little too late. Go on the 700 Club and explain how we have to do well by the least among us, tell the audience that Democrats' faith is plenty strong.

Be bold The new Iraq plan is part of that already. The next couple years' campaign is going to give you plenty of chances to be bold. Take the initiative and take as many of them as possible.

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